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Treatment program at Naftalan SPA Center.

Programs Wellness Center Naftalan

1.Naftalan program

1. Naftalan baths white

2. Naftalan appliqués

3. Naftalan massage

4. Naftalan masks

5. Naftalan wrap

6. Naftalan cosmetics

7. Naftalan wrappings

2.Paraffin program

1. Paraffin-vitamin applications

2. Paraffin-vitamin massage

3. Paraffin -vitamin masks

4. Paraffin -vitamin wrap

5. Paraffin -vitamin cosmetics

6. Paraffin –vitamin wrappings

3.Honey program

1. Honey-vitamin applications

2. Honey -vitamin massage

3. Honey -vitamin masks

4. Honey -vitamin wrap

5. Honey -vitamin cosmetics

6. Honey -vitamin wrappings

4.Salt Cave Program

1. Salt room

       5. Mineral water program

1. Mineral water bath

6.Vegetable extract program

1. Vegetable extract bath

1. Vegetable extract-vitamin applications

2. Vegetable extract-vitamin massage

3. Vegetable extract -vitamin masks

4. Vegetable extract-vitamin wrap

5. Vegetable extract-vitamin cosmetics

6. Vegetable extract-vitamin wrappings

7.Volcanic mud program

1.  Volcanic mud bath

2.  Volcanic mud -vitamin applications

3.  Volcanic mud -vitamin massage

4.  Volcanic mud -vitamin masks

5.  Volcanic mud -vitamin wrap

6.  Volcanic mud -vitamin cosmetics

7. Volcanic mud –vitamin wrappings

8.Sport program

1. Therapeutic sport

9.Cosmetic program

1.  Cosmetic-vitamin bath

2.  Cosmetic-vitamin applications

3.  Cosmetic-vitamin massage

4.  Cosmetic-vitamin masks

5.  Cosmetic-vitamin wrap

6.  Cosmetic-vitamin cosmetics

7.  Cosmetic-vitamin wrappings

10.Clay program

2.  Clay-vitamin applications

3.  Clay-vitamin massage

4.  Clay-vitamin masks

5.  Clay-vitamin wrap

6.  Clay-vitamin cosmetics

7.  Clay-vitamin wrappings

11.Vegetable oil program

1.  Vegetable oil -vitamin applications

2.  Vegetable oil -vitamin massage

3.  Vegetable oil -vitamin masks

4.  Vegetable oil -vitamin wrap

5.  Vegetable oil -vitamin cosmetics












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